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How do I register?

After you read the registration policy, you can register online.

Online registration opens September 6, 2013

Group registrations:

Youth workers: First, create a group. You'll receive a group ID, which you will give to each of your retreaters. Each of your retreaters can then go online and register a group member using your group ID. We'll notify you by email whenever a retreater registers as part of your group.

Payment: When you set up your group, you'll have three options for payment:

  1. Group members pay individually when they register.
  2. Youth worker pays in the form of one lump sum at a later date.
  3. Some group members pay individually, and the youth worker pays the rest at a later date in one lump sum. Please ensure that you communicate to your retreaters the method you prefer. Remember that your registration fee will depend on the date of payment, not the date of registration. We cannot process registrations until we receive payment.

When your group arrives to check in, look for one of the lines that says "registered groups." Send one person from your group to that line (preferably a youth worker) to check in and pick up your information package, then come back to your group and give a wrist band to each person-both students and youth workers. Your information package will have maps of the campus and a handbook for the weekend for each person. The handbook tells you what is going on throughout the weekend and gives you information on when and where those things will happen.

Individual registrations:

Individual retreaters who do not attend with a group must register using the online individual registration form. We will accept payments by credit card only. Please note that you must pay in full when you register.

I sent in the registration form-now what?

Once we receive your registration form and process your payment, you will receive a registration confirmation letter by email (if you provide an email address) or by mail. We will accept YQ Registrations until the weekend starts or we are full, however,all registrations after February 3, 2014 will be subject to a $30 late fee. Only those who have received their registration confirmation may attend Youth Quake. If you register after February 3, 2014, you will not have enough time to receive a mailed confirmation letter, so if you do not provide an email address, we will contact you via phone to confirm your registration.

Please note: All payments must accompany registration forms in order to be processed. You will receive registration confirmation after you have paid.

Can my group register online?

Yes. Online registration opens September 6, 2013.

Can I register by phone?


Are refunds available?

We will withhold a $30 administration fee for all cancellations. Unfortunately, we are not able to give refunds after February 3, 2014.

Are registrations transferrable?

We will accept same-gender (a girl for a girl, a boy for a boy) transfers for a fee of $30. You must download and complete a new paper registration form for each transfer and mail or fax the form with the $30 fee. If you would like to request a transfer after February 3, 2014, you must do so in person at Youth Quake.

You must make all requests for refunds and transfers via email to yq@briercrest.ca. We cannot guarantee that we'll be able to process your refund before Youth Quake weekend.

Is there a discount for youth leaders?

In an attempt to keep costs down for everyone coming to Youth Quake, we do not offer a discount to youth leaders. But if you're a youth leader and you're coming with your spouse, we do offer a spouse discount of $85.

What does the Youth Quake registration cost include?

Youth Quake is an all-inclusive weekend. Your registration includes meals, concerts, accommodations, and all events for the weekend-everything except transportation to Youth Quake, any souvenirs you would like to purchase, and snacks throughout the weekend.

When does Youth Quake begin and end?

Youth Quake begins with registration from 1:00-5:00 p.m. on February 14 and finishes around noon on February 16. We provide lunch after the main session on February 16.

Who is eligible to attend?

Students in grades 9-12 and their adult leaders.

I don't have a youth group-can I still come?

Absolutely! You don't need to be part of a youth group to attend Youth Quake, but we do encourage you to come with someone you know. The weekend will be more fun for you if you have someone to connect with throughout the weekend.

What will happen if I lose my wristband?

Your wristband is your ticket for the weekend and allows you to get into all events and meals. Without this wristband, you will be bored and hungry.

Is there parking for my bus?

Yes. There is designated parking for all vehicles, large and small, on campus for the weekend. When you arrive, our parking attendants will greet you and let you know where to park your vehicle. Because of the large number of people attending Youth Quake, please keep your vehicle parked in the designated parking spot and walk around campus. We also ask that all youth leaders who are staying in community homes park their vehicles in the designated Youth Quake parking spots and not at the billet location. Please note that parking does not include plug-ins.

I want to take home a souvenir-what can I buy at Youth Quake?

There will be Youth Quake merchandise and band merchandise available for you to purchase. The Briercrest College and Seminary Bookstore will also be open all weekend to sell Bibles, books, CDs, and more. Purchase your Youth Quake souvenirs early in the weekend for the best selection and to avoid disappointment when we are out of stock.

What is Youth Quake on the Road?

YQ on the Road is a ministry team of Briercrest students ready to entertain your group! They bring a two-hour youth group night filled with wild gym games, a specific spiritual challenge, and a full invitation that will inspire your group to join you at Youth Quake 2014.  

Request YQ on the Road by filling out this form.


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