YQ Party with Purpose



Since you will be joining us for Youth Quake, please use the following guidelines to make the most of the time you spend on campus.

  1. Everyone will remain on campus for the entire weekend. Besides the many optional activities, everyone is expected to attend all four main sessions.
  2. Everyone is expected to be in their rooms following the last scheduled event each night or at the Late Night Cafe.
  3. Under NO circumstances are men permitted to enter the women's dorms or vice versa.
  4. Several activities during the weekend are outdoors; please dress appropriately for the cold weather to avoid injury and sickness.
  5. Please park all vehicles in the lots specified and leave them there for the entire weekend.
  6. The use of drugs or alcohol on campus is strictly prohibited at all times.
  7. Certain staff and students, such as campus patrol and HERE4U, are here to give guidance and directions so that the total program can run as smoothly and as safely as possible, please respect and listen to them.
  8. If you are locked out or otherwise unable to get into your room, please contact Dorm Patrol, which is on duty 24/7 at 306-756-3327.
  9. Please wear your Youth Quake wristband at all times; this is your meal ticket and admission to activities; wristbands are not replaceable.
  10. Youth Quake staff reserve the right to enforce community standards and guidelines as necessary to maintain the safety of all retreaters. 
  11. YQ Staff reserve the right to search backpacks and baggage at any time for the purpose of determining whether you are in possession of any unacceptable or prohibited items.

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