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Youth Pastor Seminars

All Youth Pastor Seminars will be in Room 139.

Option Session #2: Michael Pawelke - The Turbulent Waters of Conflict, Change, and Power

Leaders long for their ministries to reflect qualities such as unity, health, and growth. However, these realities will not be achieved without navigating the turbulent waters of conflict resolution, change management, and power maneuvers. Thankfully, the Bible offers help!

Option Session #3: Marv Penner - The Heart of Youth Ministry is the Heart of the Youth Worker

Your most significant instrument of ministry is your life - lived visibly and authentically so a generation can see the difference the Gospel makes in you! You'll be encouraged as you explore the unique mix of passions, experiences, gifts, education, relationships and aptitudes that make you who you are and how God can use that "masterpiece" to accomplish the Kingdom purposes He created you for!

Option Session #4: Kevin Fawcett - The Pressure of Ministry and the Presence of God

We all know that a life of ministry often confronts us with overwhelming demands.  Whether it is the needs of a hurting student, the expectations of a supervisor, or the weight of a broken world, we can find ourselves crumpling under the pressure of ministry. 

Jesus models a different path.

In this session we will explore the ways that God's presence helps us navigate life's pressures.  We will suggest some spiritual practices that can help us to "be still and to know that he is God."  And we will dare to trust that Jesus can offer us a yoke that is easy and a burden that is light.  If we don't have room for all of this just let me know and I will shorten it.

Option Session #6: Graham Stanton - What are young people, and what do we do with them?

The way we do youth ministry is shaped by the sort of stories we tell about youth and young people. In this seminar we think about various stories told about young people in western culture today and how they influence the way we do youth

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