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Brody Jespersen


Brody Jespersen is one of our seminar speakers. Brody grew up in and has spent his entire life in Southern Alberta.  He committed his life to Jesus when he was 18 years old, and shortly thereafter sensed a call into full time vocational ministry. Brody spent 5 years as a Youth Pastor at Centre Street Church in Calgary, before moving back home to Lethbridge Alberta and taking on the Youth Ministry Position at the Evangelical Free Church of Lethbridge where he has now been for 5 more years. Brody loves Jesus, and is passionate about the local church. He loves his wife Jodie, and his 2 boys Judah and Grady, and he loves teenagers.  Brody's Passion is to see his life matter for the sake of the gospel.  When he is not doing ministry he serves as a die hard oilers fan, a below average golfer, and enjoys the outdoors on the lake or on the mountains.


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