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Jason Ballard and Ben Woodman are 2 of our seminar speakers.

Jason and Ben both work with the Youth Alpha series and are the hosts of the series.

Jason Ballard loves Jesus, his wife and Canada too! At 25 years old, Jason has been in youth ministry for over ten years. As the leader of a student led prayer group in high school, he used the Quest video series to share the gospel with over 100 of his peers. Over the last seven years, Jason has spoken to high school students across the country and internationally. Jason lives in Langley, BC, with his wife Rachael and baby boy Hudson.

Ben Woodman has been a youth pastor in Metro Vancouver since 1999. He is the co-host of Alpha's new Youth Film Series with Jason Ballard. He and his wife Melissa live near the beach in Vancouver. He is a huge fan of Nicky Gumbel, Judah Smith, Ben Cantelon, Phil Cann and almost any youth leader at a local church.



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