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Registration Policy


  • Youth Quake is for students in grades 9-12.Please do not register students who are not in grades 9-12.


  • Youth workers must register with a group. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate Youth Workers who are not bringing retreaters unless they are alumni of Briercrest College and Seminary or Caronport High School.


  • All registrationsshould be completed online on our secure website. If you are unable to complete the online registration, you may download the registration form at www.briercrest.ca/yq and mail or fax a paper registration for a fee of $5.00 per registration.  If a group is registering by paper registration, each member of the group will be charged the $5.00 fee. The postmarked date will determine your registration fee.
  • Youth Workers who bring a group must register through the online "Create a Group" registration option at www.briercrest.ca/yq. Once you create a group on-line you will receive a confirmation email containing your "Group ID" number. This ID number is necessary for your youth group retreaters to register as part of your group. Be sure to give them this number before they register on-line.  Once created, you will automatically receive updates as group members register for YQ'14. Registering as a group ensures group room placement.
  • If a retreater is coming with a group they should register through the online registration option at www.briercrest.ca/yq. Full payment is due when registering. Retreaters will need to enter the"Group ID number" provided by the Youth Worker when prompted.  You must have this ID Number before attempting to register with your youth group. Registering as part of a group ensures group room placement.
  • All Retreaters should register through the online registration option at www.briercrest.ca/yq. Full payment is due when registering.


  • Register for YQ '14 on-line at www.briercrest.ca/yq
  • Registration begins on-line on September 7, 2013 and closes on February 14, 2014 or when we reach capacity
  • Registration rates are in Canadian funds and are paid for on our secure site with credit card
  • Registration fees include all meals, concerts, accommodations, and all events for the weekend
  • Registrations must be accompanied by full payment and a signed waiver in order to be processed. If you mail your registration form, the postmarked date will determine your registration fee as per the rates stated below. If you fax your registration form, the time and date we receive it will determine your registration fee.
  • We will permit refunds, less a $30 administration fee, until February 3, 2014
  • We will accept transfers for a $30 administration fee.  You must complete a new paper registration form for each transfer and mail or fax the form with the $30 fee. Transfers cannot be done through the online registration process.
  • If you would like to request a transfer after February 3, 2014, you must do so in person at Youth Quake. You will need to download and print the registration form, fill it out and bring it with you to YQ along with a $30 administration fee.
  • Please make all requests for refunds and transfers via email toyq@briercrest.ca. Please note that we cannot guarantee that refunds will be processed before Youth Quake weekend. 


 Regular rate for Retreaters, Youth Workers, and drivers - $185

  • Applies to registrations received through November 1, 2013 through midnight Monday, February 3, 2014

 Special rate for Youth Worker and spouse when registered at the same time - $285

  • Applies to registrations received through midnight Monday, February 3, 2014. 

 Late Registrations for Retreaters, Youth Workers and drivers-$215

  • Applies to all registrations after February 3, 2014
  • Register through the online registration option at www.briercrest.ca/yq. Full payment is due when registering.
  • All late registrations are subject to the $30 late fee.

Early Bird rate for Retreaters, Youth Workers and drivers-$175

  • Applies to registrations received and paid through till midnight on October 31, 2013
  • This promotion applies to those who register and pay between Friday September 6, 2013 and Thursday October 31, 2013


  • Please note that you may request to stay with a College dorm student up until February 4, 2013, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your request. Please ensure that the dorm student is aware of your request.
  • Youth Workers will be housed in dorms with their groups according to gender.
  • Bus drivers needing billet accommodation should contact Event Management at 1-888-462-2202; spaces are limited.

 Note: Please remember to bring your own bedding and towels.             


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