COVID-19 Update

Briercrest College and Seminary will continue to monitor evolving best practices and remain highly adaptive. In keeping with Saskatchewan Health Association (SHA) guidance, Briercrest is operating with a nearly comprehensive return to normal practices.

  • Briercrest Christian Academy continues to provide in-person instruction.
  • Briercrest College continues to provide in-person instruction and online programs.
  • Briercrest Seminary is transitioning as of May 1, 2022, to a hybrid in-person and online delivery of courses. Which courses will be delivered in-person or online can be viewed on the Seminary Course Schedule.
  • International Student are subject to specific travel restrictions as per Federal Canadian legislation.
  • Briercrest College & Seminary remains a remains a registered distribution centre for SHA and still has a good supply of rapid antigen tests available to anyone in need..

Briercrest College and Seminary will continue to consult with SHA to keep our plans up-to-date and responsive to unfolding events.

Updated: Monday, January 30, 2023

What you need to know

International Student Travel

Briercrest Christian Academy
General Information

For COVID-19 information from the Province of Saskatchewan, please use the links below.



Rapid Testing

Briercrest is now able to provide Rapid Antigen Testing for outside guests and alumni coming on campus. The fee for the test is $20.00.  This includes outside guests coming for campus visits, parents and alumni attending sporting events or other events on campus requiring a Proof of Vaccination.

Please contact Student Development (306) 801-4733 to set up an appointment for a rapid test.


Updates will be posted on this page as Briercrest’s status and/or circumstances change amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Briercrest is proceeding in line with the directives of the Saskatchewan Health Authority in its commitment to the safety of the members of our Briercrest community.

The entire culture of BCA is geared towards nurturing one's relationship with Jesus, as well as figuring out how to live as a follower of Christ in the world today. I'm incredibly thankful for the time that I was able to have as this school!
Rylan Wheaton (Caronport High School) Class of 2017