b"COMMUNITY Day of Prayer People ofMy experience at Briercrest has been amazing. Being from Whitehorse, the small-city vibe of Moose Jaw and the community of Caronport has been familiar and inviting. It's Briercrest been a adjustment, but I really enjoy my classes, the chapels, and the community. It's hard work, but hard work pays off. I'm very thankful for the friends I've made, what I've learned, and how I've grown in Christ. I'm a long way from home, but I'm surrounded by brothers and sisters so really, home isn't that far surJoe's Place Youth Centre in Moose Jaw is one of theaway. - Elisha Leendersplaces where Briercrest students see the kingdom in action. I've volunteered at Joe's Place during my entire Day of Prayer was antime at Briercrest, and serving there has been one of the I chose the Christian Min. Program because it gave me a amazing day! Being ablemost significant ways in which I've grown during mychance to learn how to work in ministry with practical studies. This year the partnership between Briercrestteachings, and it also gave me a chance to explore the to spend the whole dayand Joe's Place began with having all the freshmen comeBible and theology behind what we believe with this Sundbo Two wants to rememberpraying with each otherprograms openness. You can truly learn anything and out the first day of school for the freshman bash. First all the laughter, the memoriesLife Leaders: Rebeccayear students caught a glimpse of our ministry and got tomake the program your own!and for each other was soconsider how they could be a part of it. Throughout the-Ben Girgismade, the all nighters, and forGarner & Daltonschool year, students have piled in to our 15-passenger RAs: Elisa Sanders &refreshing. The day was avan to volunteer for Tuesday Bible studies and weekend making the most out of the year. FichtnerTori JohnsonWe Like Soup! great reminder of howdrop-in nights. At these events they pour into the youth of comforting prayer can be! Moose Jaw, many of which do have good adult roleI'm in my second year of the TESOL program. So far, SUNBO- Elizabeth Baird models. Students have been excited not only to give theirit's been really challenging but equally rewarding. time to serve by providing a safe and fun place for theseIm so thankful for my professorsthey are so HIGHSCHOOL youth, but also to share their heart for God and the hopeknowledgeable and wise. I've especially loved PLACE they have in Jesus with these youth. A highlight of thisgetting to know everyone in my cohort and getting to RAS: Trey Doell &DORMS year was Youth Quake, when instead of bringinglearn and grow with them. Currently, we're learning Briercrest students to the youth in Moose Jaw, weabout speaking skills and learner's views on Stephen Amy brought a group of about 70 youth to Youth Quake atpronunciation. Were also fundraising for our Briercrest, with students as small group leaders.internship this upcoming summer. Please pray for BrieThis year at Joe's Place I've seen many Briercrestus!Day of Prayer encouragedstudents participate in bringing the goodness of theIts been so incredible seeing God utilize my Kingdom of God to youth who often don't have muchpassions here and bring things full circleIm me to continue to pray andhope in their lives. Briercrest students have been thebeginning to realize that His world is both so big keep God present in my dailyhands and feet of Jesus among the youth of Moose Jaw.and so small. Things that are limits to us, like At Briercrest we don't want to keep the light and hopelanguage barriers and distance, are really nothing life. It was so cool for me asthat we have as members of Jesus' kingdom to ourselves.to Him. Its so humbling and exciting to be a part of Rathea student to see the schoolRather, we want to bring it to the world, and Joe's Placethis.is one of the ways we do that just down the road from our- Shasta Ventzekcome together as a family ofschool.Stages of a Highschool RA: Its been a nice experience to live in dorm. My roommate/hall mate is really believers and give their fullimportant to me because she helps me a lot. Its been great also because my 1. WUT RD, Mel introduced me to some of the other people who live in Bergren as attention to God2. I'm so tired -Rose Williams well. I have learned a lot about how to live with people in dorm. They are - Brendon Heppell really kind, especially my roommate, Jose, who is willing to share snacks/tea 3. I just need to cry with me. Shes also been great in answering some academic questions Ive had, and she just help me with the answers. Its also really convenient living Growing old is mandatory, growing wise4. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH in Bergren because they have private bathrooms in each quad. There is also a 12 is optional 5. I'm fine We use Toliets 13 kitchen on the first floor, so I can cook my own food in my free time.14 - Susan Li 15"