b"Art of BriercrestThis year in Chapel we discussed Gods in-breaking kingdom. In his life and ministry, Jesus claimed that the kingdom of God was at hand and commanded his followers to proclaim the same message (Lk. 10:9). He also taught that the kingdom of God was among the people (Lk. 17:20-21). In response to this teaching, we spent a whole year asking two questions: (1) What do Jesus and the biblical authors say about Gods kingdom? (2) What does it look like for Gods kingdom to break in right here at Briercrest?As this year draws to a close, I trust we can answer both questions: I hope we have a clearer picture of what the Bible says about the kingdom and I hope we got a glimpse of what it looks like for the kingdom to break in here and now. Motivated by these glimpses, lets head out from here into a new season of seeking the kingdom of God whereverTrilogy of Weedsthe LORD leads us. What inspired me to draw these series of portraits is that one: I love drawing faces. It's what Imainly draw if you see more of my artwork. Two: I appreciate beauty and beauty comes in all- Jason Wendel different looks. I think that what makes something beautiful is its uniqueness and thats why I20 had weeds in the drawings because I find them beautiful. I started with the drawing of the maleand then continued with the female to add both genders to be inclusive.- Almaz Peter"