b'These beautiful people have such an incredible heart and focus for worship. TheirThe tech team - some may know us as the backbone of chapel and events while others refer to us as family. The It has been such an honour to serve at an event that some of us grew up attending. This is a testament to the Chapel team has always held an important place in my heart. Coming together dailyopportunities God places in front of us here at Briercrest! It is astounding how worship can shift atmospheres,tech team is more than a way to serve, it is a way to contribute to the ebb and flow of Briercrest. This role may desire to bring glory to Gods name is contagious and amazing. Worshiping alongside to hear the scriptures and sing praises to Jesus is what the church is called to do. Ichange hearts, and free captives. Worship is humanitys response to who God is, what He has done, and what Heinvolve working awkward hours and in hidden places, but, over time, it becomes an outlet to be welcomed into a them this year has been a blessing as they have truly put a smile on the Lords face.new extension of the Briercrest family. Whether you come thinking you know everything or knowing that you love being able to do that with my team, each one brings something really beautifulpromises to do. Through worship, we affirm Gods restorative work that He is doing through the church in order to They are strong leaders and have taught me so much about leadership and love foractually know nothing, the tech team thas been a place this year that has consisted of learning, challenging and advance the kingdom. The miracle of worship is that it is enacted within the throne room of grace, a room we do and unique to our group. We are honoured to be able to serve the student body andnot deserve to enter, yet Jesus tore the veil, granting us access to Gods presence. It is in the throne room that wegrowing as we have ultimately aimed to aid in leading our community in worship and fellowship. fellow christians. To my team, you guys killed it this year and Im so proud I can say minister to God through music. connect with the Spirit, realizing our unworthiness in contrast to Gods worthiness, driving us to our knees in I was your leader! Here is an extremely big thank you to all of the people who served on the tech team and gave their time to better - Caleb Brown humble worship.- Dalton Fichtner the community.- Jayden Friesen- Nathan Budge'