b'This year has been incredible so far in experiencing the Kingdom of God at work. Our volleyball team\'s theme this year is "Training for Reigning" where we have been learning further what it means to rest in his His love and in who He says we are, and in turn, reign The Kingdom of God is definitely at work on the BriercrestVOICES FROM Mens Volleyball Team in myriads of ways. The centralfrom humility and dependence on the Holy Spirit living in us. WeChristmas Musical: message that drives the foundation of our team comes fromhave seen miraculous healings happen (all Glory to God! Wow.), the very essence of what this divine spiritual realm entails.THE FRONTas well as girls having a real sensitivity to the Spirit\'s This is elucidated in our Teams foundational philosophy,callingwhether that looks like praying for other teams, prayingA Fathers Lovefor each other, etc. This year has been pretty special as it has been Colossians 3:23, Work willingly at whatever you do, asEach year on Remembrance Day, the Performing Arts Department honours so evident that the Lord is working and moving as we continue to though you were working for the Lord rather than forCanadians involved in the armed forces with a tribute performance entitled grow our roots deep into Him. The annual Briercrest Christmas musical was a huge success again this people."It is this very crucial message which reminds usVoices from the Front.This year, the tribute included a reading of the as a Team to always Glorify God in our craft, and-Ashley Erickson year, drawing crowds from all over southern Saskatchewan and beyond.Declaration of War, letters sent home from soldiers to sweethearts, and aEntitled A Fathers Love, the original drama told the story of a young acknowledge His purpose for us as his divine creations. Thisdetailing of the liberation of the Netherlands from Nazi occupation.foundational message allows us as a Team to see everyAn original skit entitled Why Cant a Girl be a Soldier? highlighted theminer in love with a widowed school teacher with three children.His opportunity we have to play as a blessing and one to beAn original skit entitled Why Can hesitation to take on the role of fatherhood slowly fades as he puts thankful for. The Kingdom of God epitomizes what servantsignificant role women played in the armed forces of World War II. himself in Josephs shoes and in Gods hands.Yet only when he is leadership entails; which is to be of service to others byAlso featured were several wartime melodies, hymns, and anthems sung bycalled upon to act with courage and bravery during a mining crisis does allowing ourselves to be used as vessels to impart the FruitsBriercrest College Singers, Resonant, and student soloists.Directed by Dr.he recognize his greater motivea fathers love.of the Spirit. The Briercrest Mens Volleyball Team isRon de Jager, Voices from the Front is poignantly presented in an originalhe recognize his greater motivea fatheunequivocally UNITED by the Kingdom of God and we arebuilding of the No. 33 EFTS of the RAF, known as the Landing,Woven throughout the story are majestic carols and festive melodies forever thankful for His blessings. here on campus. sung by a mass choir composed of high school, college, and elementary -Bryton Codd school students and accompanied by the Briercrest orchestra.Directed by Dr. Ron de Jager, Rehearsals began in September in anticipation for Christmas musical weekend, which took place November 29December 1 2019.Going through the season with the boys its been great to seeThe girls on the team this year were absolutely amazing. Their the amount of growth everyone has had. We had guys stephearts for the Lord were so visible in all that they did, whether they into roles that they knew very little about, and they didwere working hard at practices, warming up for games, or sharing really well in them too. God truly blessed the team with thetestimony at Michelles. It was a blessing to watch the Kingdom amount of spiritual leaders we had both on and off the court. build as we grew as a team! - Wesley Hackl 30 Bailey Chartand 31'