b"h r i s t m a sC Im not going to sugar coat itThis year was a difficult year for the Varsity Womens basketball team. We faced many trials, and while we had a successful first term, we Gods kingdom has been breaking in to our team throughultimately fell just short of our play-off hopes. However, different guys opening up and being vulnerable with onethrough it I all I saw the kingdom of God change hearts another. Small spiritual disciplines like praying before practice,and build character, proving his Word to be true when He during games, and after games with the opposing team hassays that trials produce perseverance. opened the door for the spirit to work in and through our team. - Rachel Linnell - Brolin SimesIve seen the kingdom of God on our team in many ways this year. We have had many people step out in selflessness and maturity to serve each other and the community of our school, and beyond. We have many of our teammates doing dailyThis year I have seen the kingdom of God grow in our team devotions with each other, as we grow and teach one another,in bringing unity. Most of us are new to the JV team and it's all while becoming closer to God and to each other as a team.been beautiful to see how each of us has built each other up Our team reflects the light of God in our positivity in the 32 classroom, the dorms, and in the community.33 and believed in each other as well. There is definitely a joy in classroom, the dorms, and in the communit all of us that makes us want to play for the glory of God!- Andrew Ericson- Elise Wagner"