b'2019/2020Student School Year DevelopmentJason WendelTerry Wolverton Lea-anne Ramer Caleb Willems College ChaplinInterim Dean of StudentsStudent Development BCA ChaplinAssistantDenver BargTracy Taylor This year has felt different than others.Community LifeEliason Manor &Coordinator Sunbo 3 RDThere is a freshness in the air, something unseen but felt. It would be easy to attribute this to different things like the freshmen class or the events that were coordinated. I think we would run the risk, however, of forsaking the true meaning of this sense of refreshing if we didnt acknowledge Christ. The Lord has been at work in the Student Body. He has softened our hearts toward him. Our students have engaged in various outreach opportunities and have huddled together to support one another in academics,Tara Martens Melanie HillIsabel Whittaker RD Bergren Place & sports, music, and various activities. Jesus is using these things for His glorySunbo 2 RDat Briercrest. Ive been able to witness a small glimpse of the beautiful things Christ is doing through our students obedience and engagement in opportunities. I think thats really important. Being engaged in the things around us gives us perspective to see Christ at work.Not Pictured Jerimah PalmerThis year weve been talking about Kingdom. We see the Kingdom breakHilson Hall RDthrough as we seek him. May we continue to seek the Lord and know him and love him as we continue to serve him in the everyday, wherever that may be. 2 -Madison Leister Blair KlassenKirsten MatthiesBen Banting Sinclair Whittaker RD Glen Manor RD Hilson Hall RD 3'