b'YQ InternsThe incredible people above worked together from the last week of August to the middle of February, serving our 2019/2020 Youth Quake team. In that time they put on the Week of Welcome festivities, the first annual Fall Fest, events for youth groups across the prairies, and of course, Youth Quake. Under the leadership of Kaitlin Giddings, they grew together as a team with each of the events leading up to the unforgettable party with a purpose in February. unfoBen Girgis, Will Dmytrow, Alison Behiel, andColin Bovingdon, Zach Bachmann, Alicia Opseth, Kara Katelyn Behiel went around as the Youth QuakeDirks, Landon Rayner, and Rachel From each had a Road crew to different youth groups inspecific role in making the YQ weekend come to life. Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba to promoteArtistic direction, volunteers, creative projects, Youth Quake. They each bring differentconstruction, and media, were just some of the areas personalities and strengths which make them athat they tackled to make the weekend a reality. diverse and great team. Their highlight of the yearHighlights for the team would be the successful Week was seeing many of the familiar faces they metof Welcome (which was a week of back to back events), while on the road actually at Youth Quake. Theythrowing a festival for the community including are going to miss their weekly Freshii stops andpumpkin carving and caramel apples, as well as being many car dance parties. Despite the long hours ofon the first team of interns to operate without a student driving, they have enjoyed working alongsideteam. The entire student body came together in the each other and sharing about YQ with youngweeks approaching Youth Quake to help with people across central Canada. preparation and the Intern Team is so thankful for the willingness of others and the joy of seeing the retreaters enjoy the environment we all had a part in creating. 40 41'