b'Its been a blessing. I could not have done any of this with out you. Thanks for all your help as we embarked on this adventure of creating the 2019/2020 yearbook. Julie, you were a huge help with whenever I needed something, no matter how big or small you always delivered! Hannah and Chloe, thanks for checking my work as my editors, you honestly made this yearbook read the way it does. It was such a joy to have all of you on the team and I will not forget any peice of the hard work that was put in.Outreach was truly amazing this year. The number of amazing things God did through outreach wasIts been a journey, as we look back now or even in a few years, finding memories of events or teams that we were apart outstanding and for all of you who were involved I want to extend a huge thank you. All the cool stuff likeItcontributing to packing 833 shoeboxes, bringing out piles of clothes, 50 people helping do a food drive,of. We reflect on what was good, the friends, the classes, and most importantly how we grew. My prayer is that you, evangelism and prayer throughout the whole year!!!reading this have become more of what God has called you to be. That you have grown in his way and are continuing to grow each day. Looking back and reflecting, I genuinely see that we all advanced Gods kingdom agenda and that, to me,God bless you as you walk through life. means we all accomplished taking a step closer to Christ. Thanks for all you did to contribute and Im so-Liam Cowmanso so thankful for how God moved at this school this year. I hope you continue to be inspired to do good works for Gods glory as you depart this campus. Blessings,- William Dmytrow'