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Mentorship Matters

Mentorship Matters

By Sid Koop

Recent studies discovered that Christian mentorship is simply too important not to do. Here are some ways you can encourage mentorship for your kids and their friends.

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    How to Give Young People the Right Advice

    By Kaitlyn Cey

    Many would-be adult mentors find mentoring intimidating. Kaitlyn Cey offers a practical guide to giving young people advice as they find their faith and their footing.

  • The fog of depression
  • Why We Need Church in the Digital Age

    Why We Need Church in the Digital Age

    By Joel Houston

    In our age of efficiency and distraction, church takes forever. But that’s exactly why we need it. Joel Houston, PhD, explains why Church should be slow, inefficient, and a little inconvenient—and in that way, completely irreplaceable.

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How can we help our kids own their faith? And how can we stay the course when the road seems rocky? Sid Koop offers practical advice for parents of emerging adults.

3 Ways to Help Our Kids Into Adulthood

By Sid Koop

Will my kids ever reach adulthood? What can I do to help? Sid Koop tackles the questions parents ask with the help of recent Canadian research.

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