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Willow Allen: From Christian School, to Modelling, to Social Work

By Timothy Lenko

One student's journey meeting Christ and finding the place where her gifts and his heart overlap.

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5 Ways to Make Private School More Affordable

By Alicia Opseth

An enrolment representative reflects on how families can more affordably access education for their child.

I Don't Live in Dorm: How Do I Find Community?

By Shailey Cara

If you don't live in the dorm, how do you access meaningful community at Briercrest? A fourth-year college student shares advice that can help students of BCA, Briercrest College, and Briercrest Seminary.

Are You Joining us from Abroad? Meet Mrs. Lim!

By Shayla Alexander

Angela Lim is the International Program Coordinator for students in the ENGLISH+ program. She works closely with our students who are furthest away from home to ensure their success. Get to know her below:

New Beginnings with PHA at BCA

By Briercrest Staff

Catherine and Jason Kelly farm at Dodsland Saskatchewan and have entrusted BCA and PHA with not one, but two of their sons. Read below as Catherine recounts their experience having the boys attend BCA while playing Hockey for PHA.



College Chaplain Jason Wendel and Professor Joel Houston host a live webinar to cap off their conversation about predestination and atonement.

College Chaplain Jason Wendel and Matt Blackaby look at Matthew 13 and discuss how the Kingdom of Heaven is worth more than everything we have.

Briercrest College chaplain Jason Wendel and Matt Blackaby discuss the radical call to discipleship in Luke 14.

Jason and Matt take a look at Jesus' prayer in Gethsemane and what it means for Jesus to pray that not His will, but the Father's be done.

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Want to Talk Hockey? Meet Mr. Friesen!

As a retired hockey player, Mr. Friesen adds so much not only to our U17 Praire Hockey Academy student Athletes as their head coach but also brings his skills to the classroom. Get to know him below:


Chemistry is FUN. Meet Mr. Hoimyr!

Life is exciting when you spend time in Mr. Hoimyr's classroom. Whether you're creating hoverboards or talking about chemical reactions - sometimes things just explode! Get to know him below:


Have you met Mrs. Hoimyr?

Mrs. Hoiymr is best known for her caramel popcorn, blonde brownies, and for taking pictures at sports games. Her joy is infectious and students love it when she is in their class. Get to know her below:


Get to know our selfless Mr. Schulz!

Whether it is his work on the school yearbook or grilling burgers in the rain at a Cougar football game, Mr. Schulz embodies servant leadership and generosity for our students. Get to know him below:


How to survive Shakespeare and History 30? Meet Mrs. Banting!

No one is afraid to face Shakespeare or History 30 when Mrs. Banting is at their side. The way she seeks to demonstrate God's love with each student she encounters does not go unnoticed. Get to know her below:


Get to know Mr. Martens!

Mr. Martens has a heart for God, his students, and his Basketball team. His presence in our building ensures that everyone is having a great time while welcoming them with a warm smile. Get to know him below:


Meet Mrs. Schulz!

Mrs. Schulz is kind of like an air traffic controller. She oversees and helps to plan a wide variety of events that go on at BCA. We'd be totally lost without her! Get to know her below:


Have you met Mrs. Resch? She knows all the answers!

Mrs. Resch is an avid Cougar Athletics fan, she is passionate about helping students and families, and she usually has a bowl of candy at her desk. Get to know our Office Administrator below:


Ask Mr. Peters about Math... He is an Expert!

Mr. Peters is sure to make students smile with his love for God and his passion for Maths. Get to know him below:


Meet Mrs. Poettcker!

Mrs. Poettcker teaches a variety of Sciences and Christian Ethics at Briercrest Christian Academy. Get to know her below: