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What Does it Mean to Study from a Christian Perspective?

Coming to Briercrest as a student is both an exciting and unique experience. When I was in high school I knew that I wanted to attend a Christian college for the Bible classes and Christian friends, but one of the most rewarding aspects was unexpected—the ability to study my area of interest from a Christian perspective!

“But what does it mean to study from a Christian perspective?”, you may ask. Here's a quick blog to give you an idea of what this looks like.

Studying from a Christian perspective means that your classes are not just informative, they are transformational. 

No matter what degree you choose at Briercrest, you take a significant amount of Bible, Theology, and Church History classes that help build a solid foundation for your life. 

In addition to your core classes, you also have the classes essential for your major area of study (the program you choose). Interestingly enough, I found that talking about faith was a normal experience in all my classes— even in the areas such as Psychology or Media Arts! These classes gave helpful knowledge toward future career options, but the most valuable thing I gained was a better understanding of my faith and how it impacts what I am passionate about. 

Learn more about what it's like to study at Briercrest and take a virtual campus tour here!

I love how theologian James K.A. Smith comments on this kind of studying: “What if education, including higher education, is not primarily about the absorption of ideas and information, but about the formation of hearts and desires? What if we began by appreciating how education not only gets into our head but also (and more fundamentally) grabs us by the gut?

To study from a Christian perspective also means that your faith is being practiced.

We would often start our classes with prayer and use the Bible among our textbooks. Studying the Bible and talking about our class topics with a group of other Christians helped me grow and know that there were other people along with me in the journey! 

We would also discuss other textbooks (some even with opposing views) and think about how culture affects our daily faith and how we can respond as Christians. My professors also became like mentors to me would ask me how I was doing, pray for me, and help me think through the academic content in a practical way. 

"What if education, including higher education, is not primarily about the absorption of ideas and information, but about the formation of hearts and desires? What if we began by appreciating how education not only gets into our head but also (and more fundamentally) grabs us by the gut?" James K.A. Smith

Studying from a Christian perspective has outward effects, too—for example, you can put what you learn in class into practice immediately in the dorm. This kind of immersive learning environment not only helps you really apply what you learn, it also helps you grow as a follower of Christ. The most valuable education is the kind you can use each and every day! 

From my classes at Briercrest I have learned how to incorporate faith into my career and live it out in my interactions with students while being a representative for Briercrest. I am also excited to apply what I’ve learned in camp ministry. Most importantly, studying from a Christian perspective gave me a heart for other people and a new perspective to see how God works in the world. 

In my classes I gained expertise, but also wisdom and the inspiration to encourage others and point them towards Christ. Whether you love Psychology, English, Music, or Business, studying from a Christian perspective will change your life and the lives of those around you.

Jade Summerfelt

Jade Summerfelt is the Director of Creative Programming at Manitou Lake Bible Camp and former Briercrest Representative. She graduated from Briercrest College with a Bachelor of Arts in Church and Culture, Media Arts minor and loves Briercrest so much that she is currently taking a Seminary degree. From camera shots to espresso shots, she loves connecting with others through adventuring, photography, and shared conversation.

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