4 Ways to Help our Kids Own Their Faith

It was an intense conversation.

I’m not sure exactly how it started, but I do remember the “not-so-subtle” feeling of being placed on the defensive before I knew a verbal fight had even begun.

I think the initial volley was something like, “Why do you believe so-and-so are going to hell?” At which point I responded, “I didn’t know I believed that.” After about 5 minutes of interaction, or mostly accusation, I finally asked the question, “Do you want to know what I actually believe?”, to which I received the quick response: “No.”  

My son and I were working through the deep waters of adolescent formation known as “differentiation.”  Yes, he was trying to figure out what he actually believed when it came to his faith, but part of that process was pushing away from my faith to create space for his own beliefs.  

Sid Koop

Sid Koop is an alumnus of Briercrest Seminary who has been involved in youth ministry for over 19 years. He is the founder and executive director of Truth Matters, a ministry devoted to helping the next generation see and experience the truth of Jesus Christ. He is a key member of the Renegotiating Faith research partnership. Currently, Truth Matters runs 8 youth worker training conferences across Canada each year under the title Canadian Youth Workers Conference.

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