Anderson lead with passion, enthusiasm, and competitive intensity

Posted: November 9, 2012

By: Jadon Frank

Erin “Andy” Anderson is one of only two third-year athletes on the Briercrest women’s volleyball team this season and will be counted on to fill a leadership role on the young team.

“Andy has been a great leader for us this season – her passion, enthusiasm, and competitive intensity in practices is amazing and she pushes everyone around her to give their best,” head coach Nolan Wienmaster said. “She has done a fantastic job transitioning from outside hitter to middle this season and has worked very hard to make improvements at a tough position to transition to.”

The elementary education student’s passion comes from her upbringing.

“My parents have definitely had the biggest influence on my life,” Anderson said. “They always pushed me to do my best in everything and never let me quit anything I started. They showed me what Christ-like grace is every day. My mom always encourages me to stop looking and wanting the destination but to enjoy the journey getting there. That is something I think about daily and really makes life more enjoyable.”

The Hanley Composite trained native of Thode, Saskatchewan has been a great example to the younger athletes on the team, even before the season began.

“I am excited about the leadership that Andy showed in the off-season,” Weinmaster said. “I am looking forward to how our vets continue to set the great culture we want for our program. I am already seeing a new level of maturity and confidence from our returning players overall, so that is great to see!”

“I believe God has given me leadership abilities that are useful both in life and on the court, especially this year, my third year,” Anderson said. “I’m still learning a lot. My team teaches me every day what it means to be a servant leader.”

Anderson’s leadership goes beyond the court, into the dressing room and into the eternal realm.

“I have also really appreciated her spiritual leadership on the team and that she has become more of a mentor to the younger players this year,” Weinmaster continued. “Her desire to follow Jesus with all of her heart and to help others do the same is very evident. Andy’s sense of humor and her transparency with the other players makes her a great teammate to have! “

Anderson’s leadership has extended beyond her team as she has been serving her community as a resident advisor this year and shared her musical talent and thoughts during bi-weekly athlete chapels.

Anderson has been impacted by John 3:30 this year “He must become more and I must become less.”

“I read through John during September and this verse kept coming back to me,” the middle said. “This idea of finding joy in whatever situation the Lord lays before me is something that I am really trying to strive for this year.”

Anderson’s mother is an alumnus of Caronport High School, so when she was being recruited to play volleyball for coach Weinmaster she had a lot of encouragement from home.

“My decision to attend Briercrest to play volleyball is the best choice I have ever made athletically,” Anderson said. “I wish everyone could have the experience of playing on a Briercrest team. It is an amazing feeling waking up every day knowing you’re going to be pushed both athletically and spiritually by your coach and teammates. It is a really unique experience having people care about you both spiritually and athletically.”

After Anderson leaves Briercrest she would like to teach kindergarten.

“If money wasn’t an issue I would love to go and teach children that don’t have access to schools,” Anderson said. “If I could choose anywhere, I would probably go somewhere in Africa.”

Anderson’s favourite quote foreshadows that she will be a great teacher someday, whether in a classroom or unofficially.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”