The Ministry of Business: Briercrest business grad finds ministry potential in all she does

Posted: November 29, 2013

Business administration graduate Nicole Matheson sees ministry potential in everything she does.

“Briercrest taught me that I can’t categorize the areas of my life, but in all I’m doing, I’m working for the Lord,” she explained. “So it doesn’t matter what I’ve been asked to do, I’m here to serve and to do what He has called me to.”

When it came to finding employment, the 2012 alumnus found that her business major did the job for her. She was hired for a full-time position as business services coordinator for Camp Qwanoes a few days before she graduated.

“For me it means I’m troubleshooting continuously,” she said, explaining her job at the Christian camp in Crofton, B.C.

In her position at the camp Matheson has a long list of responsibilities ranging from overseeing registrations, use of camp facilities by groups, and accounts payable.

“All the camp stores – I oversee all of them,” she explained. “So it means that in the summer I have quite a larger team of people I’m working with and helping them lead their specific area.”

The Ontario native enjoys the hands-on aspect of her position.

“When someone transitions out of a position then I’m the one who trains (the new employee) for that new position,” she said. “So I get to know lots of little things about all the different areas.”

Matheson’s relationship with Camp Qwanoes started before she came to Briercrest.

“A friend of mine wanted to find something to do before I headed off to Saskatchewan for school,” she explained. “So she found Camp Qwanoes – she had known people that came here. So I actually came and worked at Qwanoes before I attended Briercrest.”

Matheson chose Briercrest for her college education because the Caronport school had the specific program she was looking for.

“I was looking for a business program. I knew that I wanted to go to a Christian school and I found that a lot of the other Christian colleges and universities had a focus on entrepreneurship which was not something I was interested in at all,” she exclaimed. “I just wanted to learn the business administration side of things with those Christian values built right in.”

Besides a BA degree, Briercrest’s business administration graduates also obtain a business diploma in one of several specializations from the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST – Palliser campus) in Moose Jaw. Matheson chose accounting for her focus.

“The partnership (between Briercrest and SIAST) really helped,” Matheson said. “I could not only gain the understanding in business administration, but also have another foundation of accounting which makes my degree look that much better.”

There’s another partnership the business administrator also enjoys:  Kaleo – a one-year leadership program held at Camp Qwanoes, where program participants take several courses for college credit from visiting Briercrest professors.

“The Kaleo program has been really neat because I’ve had an opportunity to build into future Briercrest students,” Matheson said. “Being a (Briercrest) grad, I’m not only able to help (Kaleo students) with papers they’re doing because it’s with professors I’ve had, but I’m also able to help them understand what the campus is like and talk about that.”

“I also love that where I work they understand where I went to school,” she added. “It makes the role that much sweeter.”

Scott Bayley, executive director of Camp Qwanoes is glad to have Matheson on his team.

"After graduating from Briercrest Nicole stepped directly into a vital leadership role at Qwanoes and she has excelled,” he said. “Not only has she put into practice the skills she learned but Nicole has brought a heart and love for ministry that guides all she does and encourages all who serve around her. She is an integral part of our team and it is a privilege to be serving with her."

That love for ministry shows as Matheson describes what she feels is the best part of her job.

“I think my favourite part is knowing what I’m doing is creating a lasting impact,” she exclaimed. “Even if that means just paying a bill or sending a camp a cheque, I’m doing it because there’s kids coming and we have the opportunity to share the gospel with them.”