Captain Richardson: an exemplary model of leadership

Posted: February 1, 2014

Women’s basketball captain, Claire Richardson, leaves lasting impression on her team through exemplary leadership. 

“Claire is not only a skilled basketball player, but also a natural born leader,” women’s basketball head coach Chad Romanuk stated.

 “She has been a captain since her second year, and has continued to grow in her leadership ability. Claire is passionate about her teammates and passionate about Briercrest, which is an asset in her leadership role.  I am excited to see what God has planned for her future and how He uses her as she continues to grow and move outward from Briercrest.  Claire has been a pleasure to coach over her 3 years here.”

As a leader, one of Richardson’s biggest strengths is evident to anyone who knows her.

“The Lord has given me a very outgoing personality,” she explained. “I tend to be very loud and vocal with my team and I try my best to be a leader in this area on and off the court”.

Richardson, who is in her third and final year at Briercrest College and Seminary, will be graduating with an associate’s degree in biblical studies.

When asked why she chose Briercrest, Richardson explained it was the unique environment. 

 “I chose Briercrest because I could play competitive basketball while attending Bible School,” she said.

When asked about some of her favourite memories Richardson had a hard time choosing.

“It’s hard to choose one moment that sticks out over all the rest. I love the girls on my hall and the lifelong relationships that I have formed over my three years here,” she explained.

“I love the crazy bus rides and hotel stays with my teammates. Being blessed with the opportunity to play a sport I love while learning alongside my friends about God and His amazing Love and Grace.”

 While playing basketball has been a larger part of Richardson’s experience, her time as a basketball player at Briercrest goes beyond simply playing ball.

“Playing for a team at Briercrest is a unique experience,” she explained.

“Very few schools have a highlighted focus of glorifying God though our sport and team. I love my girls, they are some of my best friends, and being able to walk with them in Christ and play with them on the court is such a blessing.”

When asked about her current goals and future plans, Richardson pointed to things both on and off the court.

 “My goal as a student is to graduate with my AA in biblical studies. My goal as an athlete is to contribute to my team as best I can on and off the court. I want to serve my team as best I can,” she explained.

“Once I am done in the spring I plan on returning to the farm and being home for seeding and harvest. The following January, might find me traveling the world to attend an YWAM for six months. I’m still not sure where the Lord has planned for me but I am excited to find out.”