Donate to Briercrest Athletics without it costing you a dollar

Posted: July 14, 2015

Looking for a simple way to support the Briercrest Nation?

Briercrest Athletics' reintroduction of the “Pay the Gift Card Way” is a great way to help Feed and Fuel the Briercrest Nation.

The “Pay the Gift Card Way” is a program where you purchase a set amount of gift cards for grocery stores in Canada through Community Charity Service and a portion of the money goes directly to Briercrest Athletics. This allows you to raise money for the Briercrest Nation without spending any additional money from your household budget.

The way that the program works is that a person pays a set amount of money towards selected gift cards each month and then Community Charity Services sends a set percentage to Briercrest Athletics. Instead of paying $150 for groceries with your credit card you simply buy $150 of gift cards and use them for groceries instead.

Some people may be familiar with this program already, as it used to be called “Eat to Give.” Along with a name change from the “Eat to Give” and “Fuel to Give” campaigns to simply “Pay the Gift Card Way,” the promotion now allows a person to use their credit card to pay for the gift cards, rather than directly out of one’s bank account. This was a known obstacle as people wanted to gain points on their credit cards when they paid for groceries or gas. That problem has now been solved and one can pay through bank account or credit card now.

For more information on the “Pay the Gift Card Way” program visit the website at On the website there is a 5 minute video under the Eat to Give tab (CCS Video). This video gives a very simple explanation of how the program works.

Note: Put “Briercrest College” in the section for “You are making a donation to”:

Four key service features:

  1. All orders are guaranteed through Canada Post. If packages are lost in the mail, they will be replaced.
  2. Gift cards are mailed directly to participant’s home.
  3. CCS offers credit card as a payment method.  This lowers the contribution, but allows you to pay with credit card and collect reward/air mile points. Briercrest receives a 3% donation on groceries and 2% on gas when using automatic bank withdrawal, and 1.5% and 1% donation respectively when using credit card.
  4. CCS offers a charitable tax receipt to participants, this alone is a very significant benefit.


Additional Information:

1. Participant order forms:

a) For Direct Deposit click here (PDF).

b) For Credit Card deposit click here (PDF).

c) Can register directly through the website at

2. FAQ’s click here (PDF).

3. ‘How Pay the Gift Card Way Works’ flow chart click here (PDF).


For more information on how to Fuel and Feed the Nation the "Gift Card Way" contact Jadon Frank at

For more ways to support the Briercrest Nation click here.