Pirus brings experience and pedigree to Briercrest hockey team

Posted: November 8, 2014

BJ is a transfer student from Liberty University in Virginia who chose the Business program here at Briercrest. Former Briercrest coach John Bechtold contacted the talented defenseman and explained that Briercrest College would be a great place for BJ to strengthen his faith, and to use Briercrest as a stepping-stone to play at a higher level of hockey after college.

BJ states that his favorite moment here at Briercrest is hard to single out.

“It is not a single moment, but an ongoing experience of being able to hang out with such great guys on the team every single day.” 

Pirus also mentioned what the most special thing about the Briercrest hockey team is.

“It is one of the closest teams I’ve ever been on. Being able to go to battle with such great guys at practice and in games is such an awesome experience.”

BJ would say that his biggest strength is being personable and can relate to many people in many different ways.

“This school and team have impacted my faith in helping me realize that there is more to life than just hockey,” he said. “And, that I should work hard to achieve my goals in hockey, but overall God is in charge of the outcome.”

The American defenseman has high hopes of playing professional hockey after his time here at Briercrest. He would like to possibly play in the ECHL or overseas in Germany. His dream is to play in the NHL, but knows it is no easy task to accomplish from this league.

“I do know that God uses unlikely people to do things such as take down giants and lead armies,” he said. “So, I know that it’s possible if the Lord is willing.”

Even if not hockey, it will be exciting to see where life after Briercrest will take him with his many gifts and talents including one of the best grandpa voice impersonations out there.