Broken + Hopeful: Youth Quake 2015

Posted: February 20, 2015

For more than half a century the quiet little town of Caronport, Saskatchewan has been host to huge party called Youth Quake. Youth Quake is an event that floods the town with popular Christian music groups, world-renown guest speakers, and almost one thousand young people about to experience an unforgettable weekend. 

Youth Quake was originally called the Midwest Youth Retreat when it began in the late 60s. Every year it gained momentum as participants came from all over North America. It successfully became an event that would draw youth together to participate in a weekend of unparalleled entertainment, community bonding, and spiritual teaching.

This year’s schedule was packed with quality guests including Briercrest alumnus Sid Koop as the main speaker. In the quieter moments Youth Quake provided workshops and sessions for young adults to explore the weekend’s topic: Broken + Hopeful. This topic was specifically chosen to address the brokenness that many youth find themselves experiencing. 

AJ Crocker, Youth Quake director, knows that the purpose behind the excitement is to teach these young people about the unfailing hope found in Christ. “From the concerts to seminar speakers. I am greatly anticipating that the Lord will reveal more what He is doing here.” 

Artist Gabriel Finochio of the band The Royal Royal, one of the featured bands this year, described the focus of YQ: “We have really found that [YQ] has been focused around bringing the gospel … keeping it centred around Christ.” 

Many of the youth attending Youth Quake have found themselves stuck and without hope or support, which leaves them feeling isolated and broken. Briercrest alumnus Joe Dueck, founder of Joe’s Place youth centre in Moose Jaw, describes the weekend with passion. “An event like Youth Quake is incredibly important for [youth] to have a sense of being part of a bigger story and having family … because we are all children of God.”

But what Joe captures isn’t a one-time event. The school which plays host to this event’s participants is supported by hundreds of dedicated, enthusiastic, and giving volunteers. From props to playwriting, billets, prayer warriors, design teams and security, all serve to create an atmosphere that makes for an unforgettable experience for each individual teen. 

Curtis Morris, the stage manager for the event, was touched by so many enthusiastic and giving volunteers; “I am always impressed by the heart that I find, the servant heart, of the students of this school.” 

With the weekend coming to grand finale and speaker Sid Koop addressing the audience on Sunday morning, youth congregated one last time before embarking for home, back to reality. Some are teary eyed, some are excited and some, simply exhausted. But no one seems to stir in their seats as Koop leaves some final words of hope. “The truth of the matter is until Jesus comes again we are still living in a broken world … remember the hope that He has called us.”