Women’s basketball battles hard for intense first win of the season

Posted: November 27, 2015

Briercrest women’s basketball is playing Ambrose College this weekend making for intense games throughout.

The game started off with high energy making it for a tight score. Briercrest soon gained good momentum though and took the lead. With the fans roaring and Briercrest in the lead, Ambrose felt the pressure and called time out. Briercrest’s offense and defense kept them in the lead along with Amy Wanvig’s 10 rebounds. The first quarter ended with a score of 28-12 for Briercrest.

Briercrest came into the second quarter energized and ready to go. They kept their momentum going allowing them to stay in the lead. Briercrest then called timeout at 42-28. With their steady lead and key defensive and offensive plays, Briercrest was able to maintain their lead and end the first half with a score of 42-28.

Ambrose came into the second half looking to take the lead. With Ambrose battling hard, they were able to close the gap forcing Briercrest to take a timeout at 45-36. Briercrest kept their steady lead throughout the quarter ending it with a close score of 54-51.

The final quarter of the game was one for the books. With Ambrose not ready to lose they closed the gap fast and took a small lead. Briercrest didn’t give up though and battled back retaking a small lead. With time running out and the score too close for comfort, Ambrose called time out at 61-59 for Briercrest with 30.5 seconds left in the game. Then Ambrose tied it making the intensity even higher. Sara Kurath sunk a foul shot giving Briercrest a one-point lead and leading Ambrose to call timeout with 16.7 seconds left. Ambrose then had a shot at making two foul shots with 2.1 seconds left in the game and a score of 63-61 for Briercrest. Ambrose only made one of the shots and then the buzzer rang giving Briercrest their first win of the season, 63-62.

Amy Wanvig was awarded Player of the Game by former men’s basketball coach and current New Testament professor, Carl Hinderager. Wanvig had game highs of 27 points and 17 rebounds along with a team high of one block. Sara Karuth had a game high of four steals along with Hannah Klassen and Lauren Jordan having a game high of four assists.

Both teams were close in stats with Ambrose having 63-62 rebounds, 2-1 blocks and 15-11. Briercrest had 18-11 assists.

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