Menís basketball falls to SAIT in high-energy game

Posted: January 16, 2016

Briercrest Men’s Basketball took on SAIT for the second time this weekend to close off their first weekend at home of the second semester.

The game started off with high energy from Briercrest allowing them to take a small lead early on. SAIT felt the pressure and called timeout in hopes of killing Briercrest’s momentum. SAIT was able to close the gap and make the quarter even tighter. Both teams started battling point-for-point making for an intense second half of the quarter. Briercrest continued to work through SAIT’s tough defense though by making hard shots even when being fouled. Near the end Briercrest was able to pull away from SAIT and take a small lead.

SAIT came into the second quarter reenergized and soon tied up the game. Christophe Towells was able to sink a three-pointer to get the gymnasium roaring. SAIT soon started to pull ahead of Briercrest though. Briercrest called timeout to strategize and to try and regain the lead. When the first half of the game was completed Briercrest was only trailing by 2 points.

To start off the second half of the game, Ethan DaSilva sunk a three-pointer to tie up the game. Both teams then started sinking shots back-and-forth making for a tight game once again. SAIT soon started to pull ahead though causing Briercrest to call timeout. Briercrest continued to sink three-pointers and make difficult shots to ensure they didn’t trail far behind.

In the final quarter SAIT carried their momentum over. Briercrest continued to execute certain plays in hopes of being able to gain the lead. SAIT kept a tight defense though and was able to keep the lead.  Briercrest never gave up and continued to work hard till the end. When the final buzzer went, the score was 93-82 for SAIT.

Brian Tolentino was awarded Player of the Game by Briercrest Men’s Resident Director, Josh Richert. Tolentino had 15 points, 5 assists and 2 three-pointers in the match. Sylvan Lombo had a team high of 6 assists along with Ben Kornelsen having a team high of 6 rebounds. Ethan DaSilva had team highs of 3 three-pointers and 17 points.

Both teams were fairly even in stats with Briercrest having 4-1 blocks, 33-38 rebounds, 23-24 assists and 5-10 steals. Both teams had 9 three-pointers in the game.

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