Red Deer remains King’s in Make Some Noise night

Posted: February 3, 2017

The Briercrest men’s basketball team lost to Red Deer on the first day of Briercrest’s weekend of the ACAC Make Some Noise for Mental Health campaign, presented by RBC. Briercrest started off strong, but it wasn’t quite enough to steal the crown and the Red Deer College Kings remained Kings.
In the 1st quarter Briercrest’s started off with great energy and loud drumrolls as both teams brought their best to the court, but both teams equalized strengths Briercrest proved to be the stronger leader for most of the quarter starting off with a leading score of 9-4. Both teams played well, and demonstrated great skill, but eventually Briercrest slipped off the championship podium, and Lethbridge gained the advantage. In the end, Zak Tamlin, a guard for Briercrest sunk an incredible 3-point shot from far outside the 3-point line, and Briercrest fell behind in the 1st quarter and Red Deer held on to their Kingship title with a score of 23-20.

The 2nd quarter rise and fall of the Kings started off with a buzzer that went off like a loud-loaded gun signaling runners to start their sprint at a championship race as both teams demonstrated championship qualities sprinting quickly from end-to-end. In the stands, the audience continued to make noise for the ‘#makesomenoise’ campaign for mental health awareness, and Briercrest just about sieged the Kings Kingdom, but the Red Deer Kings continued to lead with strong infantry and a leading score of 35-30 proving they wouldn’t give up kingship easily. Yet, seconds later, Red Deer’s kingdom crumbled under the siege of Briercrest’s own Colton Rayburn, who launched a crowd-roaring 3-point shot from in between the 3-point line and the half court line with only seconds left on the clock. This event led to the rise of Briercrest’s Kingship as the Red Deer Kings surrendered their crown to the reign of Briercrest with a first half lead of 39-35.

Once the champion’s of Briercrest returned to the court after their great siege of Red Deer’s Kingdom the 3rd quarter was underway. Both teams played incredibly hard, and the outcome of the 3rd quarter was hard to predict as the crowd continued to cheer in a synched rhythm making noise for mental awareness. With only 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, the scoreboard read 45-46 for Red Dder, and Briercrest continued to battle on looking for their second siege of the King’s Kingdom. But, Red Deer begged for redemption and they go it gaining back Kingship in a 3rd quarter lead of 53-49.

The 4th quarter started off with strong leadership from both teams. Red Deer scored the first leading point, but Briercrest catapulted back ammunition, which lead to a point on the scoreboard for Briercrest with a score reading 55-51. In this quarter, Briercrest came incredibly close to gaining the victory crown and being named Kings, but the Red Deer Kings point guards had too much height on Briercrest and they kept scooping up Briercrest rebounds and sinking baskets at a faster speed then Briercrest could catch up.
The Player of the Game for Briercrest was Zak Tamlin with a game high 30 points to go with 2 steals and 5 rebounds.
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