Briercrest defeats Trojans in first game of final home weekend

Posted: February 10, 2017

The first Briercrest women’s volleyball game of the final home weekend of the year, against the SAIT Trojans Friday night, began right after Janae Rapley sang a beautiful rendition of the Canadian anthem. The crowed followed her vocal lead in song and in tradition as her voice rang loudly throughout the gym. Then the game proceeded as per usual.

The 1st set started off with an even match of talent. Both Briercrest and SAIT remained neck-and-neck with a tie score of 5-5. Up until this point, Briercrest and SAIT remained equalized in points, as both teams exchanged turns scoring one-point back-and-forth. Eventually, Briercrest fell behind, as SAIT took the lead with a leading score of 12-6. Despite Briercrest’s fall, Briercrest caught up, tied SAIT and took the lead with a leading score of 18-16, but the Trojans took the win with a 1st set score of 25-19.

The 2nd set victory for Briercrest started off shortly after SAIT’s 1st set win, as Adriana Dewar served in the ball for Briercrest, but SAIT acquired the first point taking the scoreboard to a score of 1-0. Shortly after, SAIT gave the audience the sense they were out for a 2nd set win, as they rose to a leading score of 4-1, but minutes later Briercrest tied the score and took the lead with a score of 7-6. In this set, both teams had great rally’s and the ladies followed closely in score, but Briercrest fought hard for 1st-set redemption, and they got it, taking the win for the 2nd set with a final score of 25-20.

The 3rd set victory battle for Briercrest started off with the commandership of Briercrest, as Samantha Zacharias faked out the Trojans off a spike. Samantha made it look like she was going to unload her powerhouse signature hit and blast it, but instead she read the play right and tipped it gaining possession for Briercrest. Not long after, the SAIT Trojan’s marched their well-trained troops forward taking the lead until strong Trojan efforts were crushed by strong Briercrest tactics, who led with a score of 4-2. Later on, Ashley Zacharias had a nice serve, and Rylee Wiebe scored a point for Briercrest that advanced them ahead. In the end, Briercrest took the set with a score of 25-21.

The 4th set victory for Briercrest started off in suspense and the favor of the SAIT Trojans who scored four points in a row, accelerating their scoreboard quickly with a leading score of 4-1. In this set the Trojans proved to be a stronger team. They were obviously determined to pull ahead for the game win. Briercrest, however, wasn’t willing to surrender defeat effortlessly, and Briercrest caught up with a tie score of 14-14. After, a short time-out the ladies returned back to the court to determine who would win the 4th set. The game commenced with a score of 21-19 for SAIT, then ended with a lead up of 21-20 for SAIT, then 21-21. Then suddenly, Briercrest advanced ahead 22-21, Trojan lines broke and the crowd cheered. With every point the crowd got louder…23-21…24-22. Finally, Briercrest won the game, with a final score of 25-22.

The Player of the Game for Briercrest was Emma Neustaedter. She had 1 block, 3 aces, 12 kills and 5 digs.

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