Briercrest menís basketball sweeps Olds during YQ weekend

Posted: February 18, 2017

The 2nd YQ weekend game for the Briercrest men’s basketball, following their Friday victory win, started off with strong efforts from the Briercrest men’s team who defeated the Olds Bronco’s with a final victory score of 93-83.

The 1st quarter started off in the advantage of Briercrest. Briercrest lost the tip off, but they soon regained possession and sunk a 3-point shot shortly after loss of possession. This event resulted in a leading score of 3-0. The Bronco’s, after a few minutes, finally sunk a basket followed by another basket, which put them on the scoreboard. Eventually, the Bronco’s equalized the scoreboard resulting in a tie score, but not long after, Briercrest pulled ahead of the Bronco’s and continued to lead the 1st quarter with a leading score of 26-23.

The 2nd quarter started off with the advantage of Briercrest, as Zephaniah Moore sunk a beautiful 3-point shot transforming the scoreboard to a leading score of 29-23. As the quarter went on, both teams managed to advance in points. The Bronco’s almost caught up. Briercrest proved to be the stronger team continuing to lead the game with a leading score of 35-32, until suddenly, the game took an unpredicted outcome. Bronco’s managed to tie Briercrest with a half-time tie-score of 42-42.

42-42 read the scoreboard, players waited in anticipation, and the audience sat on pins and needles as the 3rd tie-breaking quarter was under-way. Brandon Tolentino, guarded strongly up-top, Ethan Da Silva drove the ball down the court with lightning speed, and Bronco’s cranked the pressure dial, but despite any predicated outcome Briercrest advanced ahead taking the lead with a leading score of 47-44. Moments later, Bronco’s pulled ahead with a score of 50-49. Both teams played well in this quarter, Briercrest brought their best, and the Bronco’s increased their efforts, and -- although the outcome was suspenseful -- Briercrest led the 3rd quarter with a leading score of 71-63.

The 4th quarter started off with the advantage of Briercrest. They led with a leading score of 74-66. As intensity increased, and both teams continued to work harder and harder, both teams advanced, but despite Bronco efforts, Briercrest proved to be the leader of this game with a leading 4th quarter score of 79-68. The Bronco’s pushed back hard in this quarter, but Briercrest remain king. Briercrest won the game with a final game score of 93-83.

The player of the game for Briercrest was, Ethan Da Silva with, 11 rebounds, 15 assists, 2 steals, and 15 points.

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