A family act

Posted: May 19, 2017

For the Siewert family, work is a family affair. Stacy and Marika Siewert and their kids, Zac, Jaedon, and Zoey, are all involved in the entertainment industry in Canada.

All three kids are active in film, music, and TV, and have been involved in shows that appear on a variety of networks including the CW, Bravo, ABC, and Netflix. Marika is an actor, as well as a recording artist whose songs can be heard on pop and Christian radio across Canada. In addition to being the fifth actor in the family, Stacy also manages artists in the music and television industry.

Despite their many individual accomplishments, the family loves having the opportunity to work together. 

Stacy, an alumnus of Caronport High School (CHS ‘98), shares how the whole family ended up being involved in the entertainment industry.

“Marika being a recording artist for the last 15 years was our introduction into the music side of the entertainment industry,” he said. “And the rest of us kind of fell in it.”

“We were living in downtown Vancouver, and I was taking my boys (Zac and Jaedon) out for a walk and we happened upon a movie set. A lady on set stopped us and asked if the boys had an agent because they were so cute and that they should have one. She said that if they didn't, she had a friend who was an agent and we should contact her. ‘An agent, what was that?’ I had no idea, coming from small town Saskatchewan,” Stacy joked.

Stacy and Marika reached out to the lady’s friend and she became the boys’ first agent. It didn’t take long until Zoey was involved too, and all three kids were auditioning regularly and booking commercials, films, and TV roles.

“Then at one audition they asked Marika and I if we would join the kids as they wanted to see the whole family audition,” he said. “We said yes, and I ended up booking that very first audition!”

Since then, the Siewerts have acted together as a family on a number of projects and continue enjoying the opportunities they have to work together.

“We lead worship together for church,” Marika added, “and most recently got to perform on stage together at Rogers Arena in Vancouver for the Festival of Hope with Franklin Graham, opening for Michael W. Smith and Ellie Holcomb.”

“We absolutely love doing this as a family and very often it is a conversation starter as we build relationships with other actors, directors, producers, crew, casting, and so on,” Stacy said. “It does keep us very busy at times, but we have learned over the years to work hard when we can and 'be a family' and enjoy the slower times while trusting God and not being anxious for the next project”

Stacy, Marika, and their family firmly believe that their faith is the foundation of their work.

“Sometimes people ask, ‘How does your faith fit into your business?’ but we believe our business fits into our faith,” Stacy explained. “Every great accomplishment and success, as well as overcoming the obstacles in the journey, we have come through because of the grace of God.”

“Ultimately, God guides, leads and opens the doors no one else can shut, and we just keep believing in His divine favor, grace, and love that we live in, whether we are on set filming, on the radio, performing live, or just being a family in our community. Our hope is that people all around us would be inspired to love big, dream big, and live the life they were made for.”

Stacy says that his time at CHS was an important part of his life and a formative time of solidifying his faith.

“I consider it to be the foundation for my spiritual growth as I was walking into a season where my faith choices would really start to be mine and mine alone to make,” he said.

Stacy went on to say that CHS prepared him and his family to live a life of ministry.  

“Myself and then the family has been involved in some kind of ministry or church since. Everyday looks different, and I think it’s exciting.”