Women's Basketball fell to top team

Posted: October 16, 2018

In Briercrest’s second game of the weekend, the women faced last season’s champions, St. Mary’s University. While the Clippers pushed the Lightning in the first half of the match, St. Mary’s slowly pulled away in the second, winning 86-61. 

The Lightning were first on the board and held the lead over the Clippers for the 1stquarter. After taking an early time out, just minutes after tipping off, Briercrest came back to be only 5 points down at the end of the quarter. Briercrest’s #11 Adrianna Beck led the team with multiple 3 pointers during the game, but it was the Clippers’ fouls that allowed St. Mary’s to gain the early lead. 

Heading into the 2ndquarter, St. Mary’s continued to press Briercrest in their zone which resulted in a 10-point difference between the teams which Briercrest couldn’t make up. The Lightning’s #14 Emily Wagner led her team throughout the match with double-double points. The Clippers continued to struggle with fouls in the quarter, but stayed within 8 points of the Lightning leading into the 3rdquarter. 

During the 3rd, the Clippers were able to capitalize on turn overs and fouls made by St. Mary’s, bringing the score to 53-45 half way through. St. Mary’s however continued to take advantage of the Clippers’ fouls and slowly increased their lead to a 20-point difference in the 4thquarter. The final was 86-61 for St. Mary’s. 

Player of the game for Briercrest was #7 Amber Tilcox. 

The women head to Medicine Hat College on Saturday.