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Briercrest goes north

Posted: October 30, 2019
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Madeline Gabor, Jasper Martens, Landon Miller, Jacob Adams, Brody Ramer, Lea-Anne Ramer, Terry Wolverton, Zach Bachmann

Last October, a group of Briercrest students visited the northern community of Ft. McPherson, NWT.  Along with joing the work of various local ministries, students were given unique opportunities to participate in local culture and learn from the history and stories of the community.

Team leader Terry Wolverton saw students developing relationships with mutual value and respect while in Ft. McPherson. “God is at work in the northern community, and our students are thrilled to be invited into His work.”

For Brody Ramer, a Briercrest Christian Academy student, returning to Ft. McPherson was an opportunity to continue building into valued relationships. He participated in the inaugural trip in May 2018 and felt blessed to return. “I love the people [of Ft. McPherson],” he said. “Furthering relationships—I felt like that was a cause worth pursuing.” 

Ramer sees the value of the trip in simple terms. “I struggle to say, ‘Oh yeah, this is my mission!’ You go up there, [and] the idea is: love people. People need to be loved."

God is at work in the northern community, and our students are thrilled to be invited into His work.

Students left with a heightened interest in the culture, a desire to learn crafts like beading, and an even deeper desire to return again. Many students even talked about returning with their education degrees or various practicums to impact the community.

Beyond student interest, there has been an increase in interest externally. Generous alumni from various churches and businesses have declared interest in seeing this group continue and are coming on board to support future trips.

By actively seeking opportunities like this, Briercrest lives into its intent to value, embrace, and forge deep friendships with Canada’s Indigenous people. We have seen our students be impacted in incredible ways by the people they get to meet, and have enjoyed seeing the ways in which they can impact those they visit.

Briercrest staff and students are anticipating their next opportunity to join the community, and their friends in Ft. McPherson also anticipate their return.




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