Future InFocus newsletter: Fall 2008

Posted: October 28, 2008

You’re Investing in our Future!

“It was really exciting,” says Helen Dunn about receiving her scholarship. “I felt really honoured.” It affirmed her call to ministry and everything that she’s been doing to get there. “Now I can encourage others to do the same,” she says.

Helen, a natural leader, came to Briercrest dreaming of going into full-time ministry. In her second year, she was challenged by her professors to pursue excellence, and she began to consider the relationship between spirituality and academics. For her, presenting her best work to God became her spiritual act of worship (Romans 12:2).

Helen has served in dorm leadership, run for student body president, and she often encourages her fellow students. This summer, Briercrest honoured her with the President’s Scholarship.

Smiling broadly, Sarah Carter expresses her gratitude to the donors who made her scholarship possible.

She didn’t know how she was going to pay for a bachelor’s degree at Briercrest, but she was confident that God wanted her here. Receiving a President’s Scholarship has provided for another year.

Your donations to the Future InFocus campaign make it possible for students like Helen and Sarah to be here. You’re investing in their future!

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