Students celebrate freedom at Day of Prayer

Posted: October 21, 2009

Students worship during
Day of Prayer October 21.
The college student body gathered in the Hildebrand Chapel yesterday to participate in Day of Prayer, which Student Government organizes each semester.

The student body presidential cabinet members, John Ottens, Sarah Driedger, and Anthony Henderson, challenged students about repentance, freedom from bondage, and transformation.

Here are some student responses:

"I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that the most significant part of the day was the freedom we experienced in prayers and songs of repentance and praise ... Feeling the weight of essays and midterms coming up, it has been difficult to remember why I'm doing what I'm doing. Over the course of Day of Prayer, the Lord lifted my eyes back up to him and reminded me that when we are weak, he is strong."

-Nathan Plant, current student

"Day of Prayer was so refreshing because I was able to reflect on some things and quiet down my heart to let God speak to me ... One thing that really struck me was that in a video, David Catterick said that if we knew the power of prayer, we would definitely be praying more. It was just a reminder that prayer is so important and that God listens to every single word we say to him."

-Pauline Yee, current student

"This Day of Prayer was a struggle, which led me to great discoveries of where God has been taking me the past four years of school here. It was very encouraging."

-Brandon Crain, current student