Student body president has big plans for college

Posted: November 5, 2010

By John Ottens


William Con. Photo by Rob Schellenberg.

riercrest’s student body president has big plans for this school year. William Con, who was elected last February and took over his position in August, is tackling a long to-do list.

Last year Con was the captain of the Clippers basketball team at Briercrest, and he was working toward his BA in Theology. He wanted to grow as a leader, and so when his friends encouraged him to run for president, he took their advice.

"I can say it is everything I dreamed of, and nothing I expected," said Con. "I love the work that I get to do. I get excited for making changes." He and his team have already been hard at work, and there is still a good deal left to be done.

"We have already put in a lot of time reclaiming student space, opening the Den, and I'm currently working with Student Development to ensure that every student can be in a mentorship relationship,” he said. “We're still in the beginning and planning stages. Our hope is that this can be something that future Briercrest students can count on when they come here. We want students who come to Briercrest to have opportunities not just to learn about academics and athletics and ministry, but also to learn the basics of how to care and how to be cared for when they live their lives out back in their communities."

Con and his team are also emphasizing life and unity to the student body this year.

"We are drawing students' attention to 'life', and what does it mean to find life in Christ, and 'unity', within believers and even within themselves as they continue to turn their hearts toward Christ,” he said. “We hope that when students go back home to their families and communities and friends, they would be an example of what it means to be in community with one another and with their family and with their church."

Con's passion and vision are already generating excitement in the school's leadership and in the student body.

"Will is a man of remarkable energy and generosity, and he gives himself to whatever he does,” Dr. Dwayne Uglem, Briercrest's president, said. “His passion for the Lord and for his fellow students has been obvious from day one."

Kim Thomson, the student body’s vice president of student life and administration, also appreciates the work that Con is doing for the student body.

"Will Con has a vision for the school, and he wants to see it impact students' lives,” she said. “He's very compassionate, and he's very kind, and he has such a soft heart."