Merry Christmas From Briercrest

Posted: December 20, 2023

Join us as President Michael Pawelke shares reflections on the profound impact of conflict and its unsettling effects on our lives. Grounded in our faith, we recognize that the world is often a tumultuous place, fraught with wars, political conflicts, and familial discord. However, amidst this turmoil and feelings of desolation, we find solace in the prophecy of Isaiah that brings us hope.

Our longing for peace and justice sometimes leads us into conflict, but true tranquillity is only found through Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace. His birth was not just a historical event; it was a divine act of war against sin and darkness, bringing enduring peace and striking a decisive blow against sin through His selfless sacrifice.

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, let us replace our anxieties with thoughts of God's infinite love and sovereignty. Let us seek forgiveness and reconciliation with those we have disagreements, embodying the principles of peace and unity that Jesus taught us.

On behalf of the Briercrest community, President Pawelke extends his warmest Christmas greetings and blessings to all. May the Prince of Peace reign in our hearts and bring harmony to our world. Let us enter this holiday season with a renewed sense of hope, knowing that through Christ, we can overcome all conflicts and find true peace in Him.