Briercrest Podcast Gaining Interest Coast to Coast

Posted: January 3, 2024
Geoff Dresser, Rob Chartrand, Dan Godard
Looking for a new podcast to listen to in the new year? Briercrest's new podcast, Church in the North, is making a significant impact on listeners across Canada. The podcast hosted by Rob Chartrand (Assistant Professor of Christian Ministry, Program Coordinator for CM), Geoff Dresser (Assistant Professor of Worship Arts), and Dan Godard (Lead Pastor of Victory Church Moose Jaw), with a rotation of co-hosts, discusses current trends in church and culture, particularly within a Canadian context.
The Church in the North (CITN) podcast is more than just a conversation; it's a platform for sharing the untold stories of ministry practitioners whom God is using in diverse settings—from the rural landscapes of Saskatchewan to the bustling urban life of Vancouver, and from the outskirts of Winnipeg to the rocky shores of Halifax.
In an interview, Rob Chartrand explained the heart behind the podcast: "I’ve been in pastoral ministry for thirty years in different cities across Canada. I love the Church, and I care a great deal about pastors. We want this podcast to encourage pastors. We’re going to tell their stories and share about the good things God is doing."
We live in a time when it’s fashionable to deconstruct everything. My dad had a demolition company, and I know that tearing things down is easy. But building takes effort, thought, and courage. We want to help build the Church and its leaders.
Rob Chartrand
When asked about his hopes for the podcast, Chartrand said, "We hope that leaders will learn from each other and be inspired by each other. I’m looking forward to learning from other leaders. Of course, we want the podcast to grow, but only if it’s helpful. We also hope that more connections will happen between our guests and other ministry practitioners. We’re telling the untold stories of ministry leaders. Some of them our listeners may have never heard about. If we can serve the Church in this way, it will all be worth it."
Don Taylor (Provost and Dean of the College) values the CITN podcast as an important tool for Canadian ministry. He emphasizes the need for leaders to understand the realities of their local communities and the wider Western culture. Taylor pointed out that there are abundant ministry resources available in the United States, but these are often framed from a US perspective. He emphasized that Canada has unique characteristics that can make contextualizing the gospel and discipleship challenging. "It's important to identify what is effective or redeemable within the Canadian context," he said.
According to Taylor, the CITN podcast is an essential resource for Canadian church leaders who want to have their ‘ear to the ground.’ He noted that "it provides current information from experienced ministry people from Gander to Victoria, allowing listeners to hear what God is doing in every town and city in Canada." Taylor finds it encouraging to hear about the incredible work being done by dedicated servants right here in Canada.
The podcast has already shown promising numbers, with over 3,200 plays, 229 listeners, and 200 followers on Spotify and Apple combined, indicating a growing interest in its thoughtful, sometimes humorous, conversations.
As it continues to share the stories of ministry leaders, the Church in the North podcast serves as a testament to the good things God is doing in the church in our current cultural moment.
Listen to the Church in the North podcast.
Church in the North