Briercrest Reveals Groundbreaking Semester Abroad

Posted: May 6, 2024
Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Briercrest blazes a trail with the announcement of its inaugural semester-long Greek intensive program, taking place in Cyprus's rich cultural landscape. The semester of deep immersion will afford students a unique opportunity to learn the ancient language through an authentic Greek-speaking experience.

Set to run from September to December 2025, this groundbreaking program offers 15 academic credits across five 3-credit courses, spanning Ancient Greek I-V. A semester at the Cyprus Greek Intensive will be cost-comparable to a regular semester at Briercrest, excluding the cost of travel.

The exciting news is that this game-changing program is open to students beyond Briercrest's borders. Both undergraduate and graduate students from Briercrest and other institutions may take part. However, the program is limited to 25 students, and as of May 1, 2024, only six spots remain.

Registration for external students will open on May 10, 2024. The process involves an interview, and if successful, students will be required to accept their place in the program by making a $500 deposit now, followed by a $1000 deposit in September 2024.

Wes Olmstead (Professor of New Testament) described the Greek-intensive opportunity:

Students will be introduced to Homer, to Plato, and to John’s Gospel, along with the rich commentary on these texts from across the eras. We’ll also have daily opportunities to interact with our hosts in (modern) Greek. Consequently, we’ll begin to appreciate both the continuity and the development of the Greek language over its long history. Our study together will be punctuated by opportunities, especially on weekends, to explore the island in all its architectural and natural beauty.

Dr. Olmstead is the point of contact for those interested in more information or setting up an interview and can be reached at

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